Requires Attention

by Cursor Miner

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Cursor Miner’s fourth studio album “Requires Attention” will be unleashed by Uncharted Audio this autumn and is his most coherent and accomplished record yet. Featuring the singles “Mad Cow” (which spent 2 weeks on the DMC Update chart) and “Luna” (currently picking up radio play from Huw Stephens, Nick Luscombe, John Kennedy (XFM) and more), it combines everything that is good and great about Cursor Miner, which is basically just about everything.

You’ve seen the outfit. You’ve heard the scandalous rumours. You’ve landed the jump jet in tricky conditions. NOW HEAR THE ALBUM. Cursor Miner returns with a brand new load of sonic hassle. It’s heavier than metal, it’s beefier than a bullfight and it’s more original than the first ever thing EVER.

Yes literally if you own this music you will be part of the new and better smelling era. You’ll be so cutting edge you’ll get a research grant. Normal people will look at you in utter revulsion and say, “What’s that horrible noise?” and, “It’s doing my head in” and you’ll say… “Get with the program. Cursor Miner Requires Attention is the absolute boomba klart”. YES. That’s really what you’ll say!

Yes people, a huge amount of money has been lavished on this album, if by “lavished” you mean WASTED! Which is what you’ll be when listening to the indescribable levels of COSMIC SPAZZFUNK. This album used LOTS of posh software, a LOT OF ELECTRICITY, many parts of things, TECHNICAL things, stuff that you couldn’t POSSIBLY understand. A laptop made in a VOLCANO, with a monitor made of GRANITE and a mouse made of GAS! A drum machine that runs on RAILS, a synthesizer powered by PLUTONIUM APPLES… These are just some of the TWISTED NEW SCHOOL wing wangs that the GENIUS Cursor Miner uses to create THE STUPIDEST NOISES IN THE WORLD™. It’s at least 20% BETTER than the last Cursor Miner album, as measured by, which is a newly invented software that tells you how GOOD something is.

Now I demand to know what the hell you’re doing sitting there not listening to CURSOR MINER REQUIRES ATTENTION!


released October 25, 2010

All tracks written and produced by Rob Tubb. Additional writing and arrangement on "Luna" by Ben Webster.

Mastered by [snyzch] & Jimmy Stewart

© 2010 Uncharted Audio. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance or broadcast of this recording prohibited.


Love and thanks to Mum, Dad and Pete, Auntie Pat, Standard Planets, Lo Recordings, Noodles, the Suprancia/Keele Massive, all the promoters crazy enough to book me, my gorgeous Barbara and anyone who still believes in music and truth.

This album was made with the assistance of Apple Computers, RME soundcards, Novation Midi Controllers, Mackie Monitors, Sennheiser Headphones, Ableton Live, NI reaktor, Cool Edit, Ibanez Guitars, The Entire Internet, The Laws of Physics, PG Tips tea, Lurpak butter, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Jelly Tots, Blu-Tack, a trip round the world and Stupid Stuff From Charity Shops.

This album was made with the hindrance of a vapid and degenerate media culture, Dominic the evil blue triangle, dying hard drives, dying synths, dying PAs, dying computers, rented accommodation, traffic, the lamest decade since the 40’s, loss of faith in humankind and knowledge of impending catastrophe.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Reject
This ain’t the world this ain’t the world that i live in
It’s all wrong it’s all wrong
So you’re never gonna see me again
It’s all wrong it’s all wrong it’s all wrong
The ground beneath my feet’s rejecting me
and the sky above my head it sets me free
This ain’t the world this ain’t the world that i live in
It’s all wrong it’s all wrong
So you’re never gonna see me never gonna see me again
Track Name: The Golem of Bognor Regis
I speak with the spirits with voodoo foot walking
his inner ear hear it his slicer mind talking
with 28 tictacs and a macpac back pack
a photo of boiled egg on an infernal chair leg
this witch doctor cult leader pharaoh god man...
i let myself out i raise myself up i
make myself new i get myself through i
leave myself open watching and noting
live for the moment respect the opponent
i’m determined to do it right all the way down the line
mojo regressing
when the moon went missing
and with the freed up memory
raped a sea anemone
possessed by a new trend
coming out of the u-bend
had a cardiac marriage
in a double door garage
and the golem of bognor regis is way out of hand
pelican bib encrusted with diamonds
on a potty made of dirty great pylons
non-scuff clarks corporate behemoth
camp freddy give me hysterectomy cheesecloth
now you’re betting on the next to fall
little better than a vegetable
running round with your turnip head
little bugger will you go to bed
and the golem of bognor regis is way out of hand
idiots. multiplying.
Track Name: King Is a Killer
king is a killer
beggar is a saint
killer who the liar?
why are you letting them get away?
live a lie
how are you hypnotised?
how are you mesmerised?
Track Name: Failed State
In a polystyrene citadel
they are waiting for a miracle
eyesights aligned
try to end the messy love affair
with the chemical excuse for their
failed states of mind
some suspicion of calamity
preprogrammed into reality
here’s as far as they will ever get
for the retro-simulation set
wrong end of time

failed state

on a droplet in an empty void
varied beverages are enjoyed
half empty cups
imitations of the definite
intonations of the infinite
this time is right

failed state
Track Name: Minibar
Get yourself a minibar
Get yourself a minibar
Stocked up a minibar
Optic a minibar
Stocked up a minibar
Ice in the wine cooler

Sitting in the lounge
Sitting in the living room

Look at the minibar
Quality the minibar
Mescal tequila
Shimmering frost on the vodka

Don’t you want a minibar?
Think of the minibar
Don’t you want a minibar?
A minibar in your car
Track Name: Chinese Water Torture
Guess who’s in the lift again
retard with a giant brain
he’ll ask me for my tie again
why can’t he simply refrain
30 floors he ascends with me
then slowly expanding he
fills the available space
pushes flesh into my face

chinese water torture
chinese water torture
what a torture!
what a torture!

clamps my head in his strong beak
dripping fat he starts to seek
in my nostril needle tongue
6 week later he is done

Now I love him he’s my fave
cos he’ll let me go to my grave
rest forever in his care
meet my love that he killed there
so I keep the pretence
that he causes me offence
he makes laws that are my friends
in a world that makes no sense
got it in stock – dominic ploc
Track Name: Luna
my dazzling lunar woman
who feels herself to be so barren
but you are such a thing of beauty
is this tragedy your duty
see this lovely lunar girl
who looks so sadly on our world
all our colours just to teach you
it takes a hundred billion just to reach you
oh my dazzling white lunar lover
we’ll always orbit one another
unless I inflame all your passion
distant kiss become my mission
your silent cry the cosmos hears
my rockets burn away your tears
if there’s a mission I will man it
wish me luck to leave this planet
and i so badly want to fly
so luna please don’t cry
oh luna, I’d rather burn up in the atmosphere
than lose you dear luna, for that is my greatest fear
Track Name: For Each Other
Each time I look at you
I feel aching in my heart
for I know that the time will come
when one of us must part.
When we part ways I see empty
days days I cannot face alone.
For what in this lonely world
could be more beautiful than you?
If I only knew then I’d bring it here,
but it would surely disappear
as all things do.
So let’s go to a distant waterfall
and there we’ll end it all
on the rocks
and this way we’ll never die
for each other.
For each other we’ll do this thing
and then they’ll sing
of our love,
which never died.